Wk 14 – Art Experience -Sketching in the Garden

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The sketches/photos on top are representational and the photos/sketches on the bottom are abstract. This week’s art experience was little tough for me since I can’t draw at all. The sketches I made are very off from he real thing. Even though the activity was a challenge, actually being at the garden was very relaxing for me. I got to think to myself and I was able to be alone with my thoughts since the atmosphere was so calm and relaxed. This was my first time being at CSULB’s Japanese garden and I have to say that it’s beautiful. Walking around made me feel like I was actually in Japan. It was cool to see that there was also a koi pond. The most challenging part of this activity was the abstract portion of it. Representational drawings were simple enough, but I wasn’t sure what would be considered abstract so I just drew something that seemed different. Photos were easier since the camera does most of the work. I chose unique settings and textures in Japanese garden to represent my abstract photos. Overall it was a very fun and soothing experience that I ill probably do again, but only after finals.

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