Wk 12 – Art Experience – Game Design

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This art experience was weird, but still fun at the same time. I had a hard time finding my geocache since it was hidden in the plants. There were a lot of spiders and dirt so I got grossed out, but I still found it. It was really dirty and the contents inside it were strange. There was bubble gum, portable toothpaste, and even sunblock. It was cool that I found it since in a way. it was a connection to other people who had also found that geocache. I hid my geocache near my house since it was easier for me. I thought that an abandoned railroad would be perfect place to hide a geocache. I put in some coins, rubber bands, and small toys inside with a pencil and a small piece of paper so that other people can write in it and tell me if they thought it was an easy enough find. This is a fun game that I might play again if I had some free time. I guess people would be muggles in this game if they are not from the area. They have a disadvantage since they don’t know where to look and how the city or town works. This game made me wonder about how many hidden treasures are in my city waiting to be found

The coordinates of my geocache are: 33’51’15″N, 118’4’19″W


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