Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Jennifer Chen

Info Block

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: Succession

Media: Print Making and Digital Print

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: Note

Instagram: None

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Jennifer Chen is a graduate student in her final semester here at CSULB. She is trying to get her MFA in print making and she was also an undergraduate in biology. Her interests are wide and they range from both art and science. The reason she changed her major from biology to art was because she wanted to try something that would help her grow in a different way. Once she s done with her last semester, she will be teaching Art 270 in the fall of 2016 with one her colleagues.

Jennifer Chen’s work is mostly made up of prints she created from landscapes, but sometimes she adds some gloss and watercolors to make them pop more. Her work ranges from small to large and isn’t that symmetric since nature itself is very unorganized. The texture of her work is very rigid due t the extra gloss and watercolors that she adds. Her work ranges in color since some are landscapes of the city, the desert, flowers and other things. Jennifer gets some of her prints from Google World and tries to bring more life into them. She adds more details in her print making so it doesn’t just look like a picture from Google.

Jennifer Chen’s work tries to convey the ecology and other disturbances that affect and change it.She explores how natural disaster can change an ecosystem. Her works shows how fluctuations in nature can be both detrimental and beneficial to the species that inhabits them. Her work also conveys that nature is different and has many different aspects to it.  No one landscape or environment is the same. Her exhibit is called Succession because she likes seeing these differences in ecology and how they change over time. During the interview, Jennifer also adds that nature can also show our earth’s history and what changes or stays the same over the years. That’s an important detail on how the earth tells history.

To me, Jennifer Chen’s work is very significant since it conveys a message of nature. Her work shows that the earth goes through changes all the time with natural disasters and it affects everyone. It shows that it’s important that humans should respect nature and how we shouldn’t make the earth worse than it already is. The earth already provides itself with its own natural disasters and we should avoid providing the earth with man-made disasters like pollution and global working. We should try to help the environment. I also like how Jennifer Chen captures details in the landscape very well. Her shots are good and printing skills are very impressive.


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