Wk 11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages

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  1. Documentation Questions
    1. Documenting ephemeral experiences like Turning Pages can be done by taking pictures and writing about it. Though the whole experience won’t be felt by the viewer or the reader, they are still able to get the idea and try it out themselves.
    2. Words and pictures can capture a segment of an experience, but it can’t capture the while thing since there are many interactions that come through that experience and words or pictures don’t exactly bring those to life.
    3. Style does matter since it is a part of the presentation. People have many different perceptions of experience, style can help convey how they felt with the experience. The style can convey a message that isn’t so obvious, but just as important that the obvious.
    4. Videos are a better way to share an experience since you can see people interacting and with the eyes of a camera, it’s a little like using it as your own eyes to experience the experience yourself
    5. Documentation does take away from the experience itself since you aren’t participating as much. Mostly you are a viewer and not as involved. There’ a little bit of worry when it comes to documenting because you have to make sure you capture the good moments and when someone just tends to the whole time, they miss out on the entire experience altogether.
  2. When I wasn’t taking pictures, I felt more relaxed and authentic. I felt like I was actually experiencing the activity rather than trying to capture good moments of it. I felt more involved and I was paying more attention to the entire experience. When I was at the bookstore however, I felt forced. I couldn’t just sit down and worry about nothing because I had to take pictures of myself doing something. When it came to documenting my activities, I found it hard paying attention to the interesting parts and focused more on my camera than the experience.
  3. My experience was a good one. I was able to challenge the library and turn it into something it was, a place to read. I had a lot of fun because we were making other people feel awkward and I thought that was kind of funny. I also had fun at the bookstore since I discovered so many new things in there that I never knew about like a guitar store and a computer store. I also got to kickback and just relax in there so it was a very fun activity.
  4. I do have a new insight on spaces and how we are being more technological and digital. We are adjusting ourselves to the digital world by replacing books with computers and using phones to communicate rather than face to face meetings. A new digital age is coming and I realize that so many people are adjusting to it because they don’t want to be left behind in the times. It shows how much our society is easily swayed to what’s trending and keeps changing.

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