Paws the Dog Thing


Hello, I am Paws from the planet Dog-E-topia and am here at Moonbase Alpha to seek refuge. Our planet is being taken over by the humans from Earth. They invaded us and made us wear such fashionably unpractical restraints they call collars and leashes. For every two dogs, there is one human supervisor who just sleeps and eats the good food while they feed us weird meats like Beggin’ Strips. They often enjoy taking away our precious bones or sticks and throwing them very far, forcing us to run and chase it before it touches the ground. We try to dig our belongings, but they always seem to find and take it from us. Nowhere is safe for dog kind while the humans are here. I am one of the lucky few who has escaped Dog-E-topia and fled here. I am worried about my friends, but at the moment, there is nothing I can do.

All I do is wait here drinking this weird drink called coffee with barista named

Petronilla Naia:

Since his big gun scares me, I try to avoid this colonel here named

Robert Lee Abram:

It’s a good thing I have one friend here who I get along with and that is

Leonidas Spartan Cat:



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