Wk 6 – Art Experience – Photo Walk

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My photo walk experience was very enjoyable. There were many things at school that I didn’t pay attention to, but my guide and the other students were able to show them to me in a new light. The walk itself was pretty cool since it wasn’t too hot or too cold. My group was able to visit cool places on campus like the USU and the discount center which had a lot of art surrounding it and I was quite surprised. We later went down to Brotman Hall to finish the tour, but since I see Brotman Hall all the time, it’s beauty doesn’t affect me anymore. I feel like it’s mostly for new students. What I looked for in my photos was uniqueness. I tried looking for works of art or anything that has a different and cool perspective. The wall sculpture really embodies that since I really don;t understand what it is, but I realize that it is beautiful in its own way. It was very abstract and strange that it leaves people wondering. I also took pictures of the stores around the bookstore and the store shaped like a pirate’s treasure chest just screamed uniqueness at me. It was so different from the other stores since it actually had a theme that made it so eye popping. I had a really great time with this photo walk and it couldn’t have happened without my guide, Crysta Tim. She was so calm and nice. She let us go on a pretty good pace that was good enough to let us absorb everything from the photo walk. I really enjoyed all the places she took us to and thought she was a great tour guide. If you want to know more about Crysta, here’s a link to her page



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