Wk 5 – Art Experience – Cuisine, Couture, or Coiffure

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The art experience I chose this week was cuisine and see my culinary skills were very limited, I ended up just making noodles. It wasn’t hard making the noodles. The hard part was trying to make them somewhat artistic. So I decided to add eggs and since the noodles were brown due to the soy sauce, it was a perfect way to create a bird’s nest. I decided to make some hard boiled eggs and add them to the middle of my noodles to make the nest look more believable. This is an edible dish and it was also a great lunch. I made the dish on Friday and since I’m Catholic I wasn’t supposed to eat meat due to Lent so I had to make a different alternative. I had noodles and eggs in my house and since they were so accessible, it made this project easier. I recommend this art experience very much because it lets you release the kid inside you allows you to play and be creative with your food.


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