Wk2 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

Plaster casting for me was such a tedious task. The hardest parts for me were making the mold and getting the plaster out. Obviously neither task went well. I tried molding my hand since my foot fit awkwardly in the bucket. I had to be really delicate getting the plaster out and I accidentally pulled off the thumb. Also, since my thumb is big, I pulled out a lot of plaster. I feel like this would have been done better at the beach, but I couldn’t go due to other priorities. At least at the beach I could have had other people’s help and I could’ve had more mold space. Unfortunately, I did this alone in my backyard, but I tried my best and that should be what matters right? I would recommend plaster casting more as a group effort since molding is difficult. All and all this task was fun, it’s just a little messy and you need to be really careful.

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