Wk 6 – Art Experience – Photo Walk

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My photo walk experience was very enjoyable. There were many things at school that I didn’t pay attention to, but my guide and the other students were able to show them to me in a new light. The walk itself was pretty cool since it wasn’t too hot or too cold. My group was able to visit cool places on campus like the USU and the discount center which had a lot of art surrounding it and I was quite surprised. We later went down to Brotman Hall to finish the tour, but since I see Brotman Hall all the time, it’s beauty doesn’t affect me anymore. I feel like it’s mostly for new students. What I looked for in my photos was uniqueness. I tried looking for works of art or anything that has a different and cool perspective. The wall sculpture really embodies that since I really don;t understand what it is, but I realize that it is beautiful in its own way. It was very abstract and strange that it leaves people wondering. I also took pictures of the stores around the bookstore and the store shaped like a pirate’s treasure chest just screamed uniqueness at me. It was so different from the other stores since it actually had a theme that made it so eye popping. I had a really great time with this photo walk and it couldn’t have happened without my guide, Crysta Tim. She was so calm and nice. She let us go on a pretty good pace that was good enough to let us absorb everything from the photo walk. I really enjoyed all the places she took us to and thought she was a great tour guide. If you want to know more about Crysta, here’s a link to her page



Wk 5 – Art Experience – Cuisine, Couture, or Coiffure

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The art experience I chose this week was cuisine and see my culinary skills were very limited, I ended up just making noodles. It wasn’t hard making the noodles. The hard part was trying to make them somewhat artistic. So I decided to add eggs and since the noodles were brown due to the soy sauce, it was a perfect way to create a bird’s nest. I decided to make some hard boiled eggs and add them to the middle of my noodles to make the nest look more believable. This is an edible dish and it was also a great lunch. I made the dish on Friday and since I’m Catholic I wasn’t supposed to eat meat due to Lent so I had to make a different alternative. I had noodles and eggs in my house and since they were so accessible, it made this project easier. I recommend this art experience very much because it lets you release the kid inside you allows you to play and be creative with your food.

Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Kristi Jensen

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Artist: Kristi Jensen

Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Form A Single Entity

Media: Metals, Welding Tools and Jewelry

Gallery: CSULB School of Art: Gatov Gallery East and West

Website: None

Instagram: @whipperton

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Kristi Jensen used to be a flight attendant, but went to California to study art at CSULB. She used to be a sculpting major, but she decided it wasn’t a good fit for her so she decided to start doing metal work and she’s been doing it for two years now. She expects to get her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts by next semester and when she gets her degree, she wants a career that is metal related where she gets to sculpt and mold it. She likes to sculpt jewelry too, but you’ll rarely find her wearing her own work.

Kristi’s work is very precise and careful. She molded her metals well to form abstract shapes that she can use as jewelry and decoration. They are very pretty works of art as they each have a different color and density. Kristi Jensen had three works in this exhibit and they are the first three pictures after the artist picture. The structure her works are in are curvy with smooth textures. They are symmetrical and are very toned down when it comes to color except for the silver ring which just glows in my eyes. Her work seems sturdy and intricate.

When creating her pieces, Kristi said that she didn’t really have a message conveyed in her work and the reason was because she felt that her work already symbolized her hard work and the time it took her to create them. Kristi says she has fun playing with fire and has fun creating new pieces because of it. Kristi says she was inspired by the way her grandfather used to fix things like the television when she was a kid and working with metal transferred over to her not by fixing things, but by creating new things. Kristi says that she has a hard time naming her pieces because she doesn’t even know what they mean so she just leaves it untitled and lets the people interpret them on their own.

Her work to me is extremely beautiful. Although there are many beautiful pieces made by other artists in this exhibit, her work stood out the most to me. I especially love her onion sculpture. It’s so precise and clean that it looks like it belongs in a museum. Her jewelry looks very cool too. The ring being sterling silver captures the eyes of many people and the necklace is so gracious and yet so subtle at the same time. If she continues this work, I think she can sell her own pieces and jewelry in no time.


Wk 5 – Classmate Conversation – Natalie Guevara


I met Natalie while we were both trying to find an artist and I learned a lot of cool things about her. She is in her second year of college and she is a criminal justice major. In the future, Natalie plans to get her masters and work for a government agency. She likes getting involved in her community by joining clubs like Circle K International, Destino, Chicano/a Latino/a Studies Student Association, and the Criminal Justice Student Association. She joins these clubs mainly to learn and work, but she also loves meeting new people and getting to know them. She also dabbles in some art from time to time. She enjoys drawing in her spare time and she loves to discover new artistic methods and ideas which is the main reason she joined this art class. Meeting Natalie was so great because she’s really nice and gives off this very calm and collected vibe. Get to know more of Natalie by visiting her website right here


Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Samuel Jernigan

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Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition: The Weight of Whimsy and Ideals

Media: Ceramics, Spray Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art: Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://cargocollective.com/samueljernigan

Instagram: @samueljenri

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Samuel Jernigan is an artist from central California who just recently graduated from CSULB  in the fall of 2015 with his bachelor’s  degree. He was under the BFA Ceramics program and he is very interested in toys and their fate. Samuel also likes to work with the idea of trying to unfix the identity of things that have a very fixed meaning. He’s the kind of guy that likes to mix and match certain thing to create a whole new thing.

Samuel Jernigan’s work is childish and creative. He uses a combination of ceramics and spray painting to breathe life into his works. His ceramic clay gives them a form and his paint creates color which combine to give his work a sort of personality to it. The texture of his work is often smooth and the structure is often curvy with some jagged edges since his work is to show combinations of similar and different things. The shape is mostly symmetrical and they are very vibrant in color. Samuel even said he gets a specific type of spray paint from a German brand due to it being very controlled and sturdy.

His work symbolizes a different way to see toys. Samuel is trying to show how when we see something, there is often a different way of seeing the same thing. The mix and match combinations show how two different things have their own purpose and meaning, but when you mix them together, they create a new purpose. His work also exhibits a sense of youth and playfulness since most of his work is toy inspired.

Samuel Jernigan’s work gives me a fun and whimsical feeling. It almost makes me feel like a child again. One of his fish sculptures even look like it came right out of a Dr. Seuss book.The vibrant and bright colors that he uses remind me of a happier time. I also like his focus on making things interchangeable and adaptable. It sets a good example of seeing things outside the box and not just seeing the set meaning they’re supposed to have. I appreciate what he created in this exhibit and I think he should continue with this theme to further inspire people and give them that nostalgic feeling.

Wk 4 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

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Graffiti writing was really fun even though I wasn’t any good at it. I bought red and blue since I like those two colors a lot since they are contrasting warm and cool colors. It was difficult for me to make bubble graffiti since I had very little drawing space since my parents wouldn’t let me paint the house and Venice beach was too far of a drive. I needed to keep the letters tight so I could fit all of them in the poster. I also didn’t think that controlling spray paint wouldn’t be that bad, but it was hard since the can would either spray too much or spray too little. I made a sketch on back of the poster board at first just to get a general idea and to get used to the whole spray painting process. I didn’t realize it until the end, but the red and blue paint with the white background makes my graffiti art look very patriotic, but I was going for more of a fire and ice motif. I guess my ideas didn’t transfer to the final product, but I think that it was a good experience for me. I have a new appreciation for graffiti artists and how they make graffiti painting look so easy, even though there’s a lot of work that needs to be put in it. They make it look so precise and cool, it makes my attempt look like crap. I feel like this assignment was really cool and it made me appreciate something I barely cared for before. By the way, getting spray paint of your fingernails and hands is not fun at all so if you can wear gloves and avoid the mess, you should.

Wk 4 – Classmate Conversation – Nicole Chovit


This week I was able to get to know Nicole Chovit. We both met while we were trying to hear the artist Samuel Jernigan who we both could not hear due to the softness of his voice. We decided to share notes and exchange information about the artist just in case one of us didn’t hear what he was saying. Getting to know Nicole, I found out that she has really great goals in life. She is in her fourth year and she majors in human development in hopes that she can become a counselor some day to help people out with their social and personal problems. She didn’t always want to go into human development though. At first she wanted to try the nursing program, but due to her feeling uneasy about operations and surgery, she decided to help people in a different way that didn’t involve all that operating stuff. She decided to help people by communicating with them instead and trying to understand their emotional problems rather than their physical ones. We both found out that we like Grey’s Anatomy and other medical dramas, but she told me that nursing is not like how it is in television. It’s different and way more serious. Talking with Nicole helped me have a better understanding of how nursing works. It was very easy to talk to her and if you want to know more about her, you can visit her website here at



Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – Josh Vasquez

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Artist: Josh Vasquez

Exhibition: Vida/Morte

Media: Drawing, Spray Painting, Colorless Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://www.joshvasquez.com/

Instagram: @joshybehr

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Josh Vasquez is an undergraduate in the Drawing and Painting Program of the CSULB School of Art. Josh is from LA and he is very interested in contrasts especially those that are found in life and in death. His ideas explore the differences in each concept and by as he points out the differences, he is also able to present the similarities.

Josh Vasquez’s work is full of contrasting and contradicting qualities. One of those qualities is how he does them in black and white. He uses materials like plastic trash bags, ink markers, flowers, red rosin paper, skulls, and wood since all these things are somewhat representative of life or death and some represent both. His work shows a smooth texture, symmetrical shape and scale, jagged rhythm and has only black and white with a mix of transparent materials.

This exhibition is called Vida/Morte where Vida means life and Morte means death. Josh is trying to show the contrast between life and death while at the same time, convey a different meaning with his work. He uses his work to symbolize certain things like the flowers are used to symbolize a lifespan since they can’t last forever and the skulls are used to forecast an end. Vasquez wanted to show how his work can also represent masculinity and femininity, and even soft and hard. He shows that opposites can coincide and mix to create a deeper meaning in his art.

To me, Vasquez’s work is a little morbid. He tries to express the ideas of life and death, but from his exhibit, death is what mostly resonates. My idea of life involves color, vibrancy, and good vibes, but with Josh’s work, the only life I get out of it is the flowers and even then, I still don’t get much of the life aspect out of them since they were sort of wilting. I think that Josh was trying to show how nothing can last forever and I can relate to that. I just think he should have made the life aspect of this exhibition pop more so a better contrast could be seen. Overall it was an interesting exhibition and Josh Vasquez did a really good job with putting his ideas on a canvas. His work makes you think and is very much up to interpretation.

Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Colleen Siongco


This week I was able to have a conversation with the really nice and friendly Colleen. She is a kinesiology major here at CSULB and she is in her second year. I found out that Colleen knew some people who went to my high school and she found out that I knew some people that went to her high school. Colleen went to Gahr High School and I went to Whitney High School and these two schools are either in or very close to the city of Cerritos. She told me that some of her best friends went to Whitney. I was so surprised because we had so many mutual friends and that we never met each other until now. We only met because of our friend Marvin who I knew through middle school, but she knew him through high school. Colleen is super nice and she loves her dog. Her dog is really cute and is featured in a lot of her snapchats. I’m very excited to get to know more of Colleen this semester since she’s super cool and very easy to talk to.

Wk 3 – Art Experience – Snapchat

Working with Snapchat was so fun because I was able to get creative and find inspiration in the most random things. The first snap I made was the one of Belle. I was shopping online at the Disney store and this picture popped up. It was funny because she was reading a book that had no writing or pictures in it. It reminded me of a time in high school when I pretended to read to look busy, but then the teachers would ask me what the book was about and I would be left speechless. The second snap was taken when I saw my sister playing with her dolls and I thought that they looked really pretty so I just took the picture and it turned out well since all barbies are meant to be fabulous works of art. The other two snaps are snaps I got from Colleen Siongco and I used them because I think her dogs is adorable and she made it more adorable when she made it think of food. For the second one it’s a random card she found for Valentine’s and it made me laugh because it was really sweet and clever.