Wk1 – Art Experience – Landscape With A Corpse

Taking a picture of myself as a corpse was very exciting. I know that for many people, it’s not too easy to imagine their own demise, but for me it was actually fun. I’m not saying that I’m excited for death, I’m actually quite terrified, but this assignment allowed me to get creative and I was able to brainstorm many different ideas of how I might leave this world. I thought about it long and hard and my ideas led me to create a sort of symbolic portrayal of some people I knew in the past who I thought were the friendliest people ever, but were actually the worst. These people were people who I thought were my friends, but were actually really two-faced and judgmental. I realized that hanging out with them did me no good so I cut them off in my life and they didn’t take it so well. I could tell that them having no more influence on me bothered them and it left some bad ties between us. I think that if I did have to go, they would be the ones to end me. I tried to make the pictures show that pain can be caused by the most unexpected things in life or in this case, a friendly looking driver who looks like they can do no harm. Taking the pictures were really fun because I got to hang out with my friends and there was no one to bother us since my friend’s neighborhood is actually pretty quiet. We tried to get the shot early so that there would be good lighting and I think the pictures turned out pretty well. There was this really friendly old couple who poked fun at us and asked if he should call an ambulance as a joke. The shoot went well and the only problem was the heat. My friend said she got a little hot having to wait inside the car for a long time with the engine turned off. Other than that, I had a fun time working on this with my friends and would definitely recommend it as a great art experience.


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